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Learning Hebrew well

I – Why is it essential?

Hebrew is THE key to your integration:



Whether to obtain a degree, find a job, and succeed in a job interview or to build one’s career in Israel, mastering Hebrew is essential.



To choose the children’s school, attend parent-teacher meetings, help with homework . . . these crucial family missions require a good level of Hebrew.



To speak Hebrew well allows one to lead a well-rounded social life, make Israeli friends, and grasp the nuances of Israeli society, its challenges and your role in it.



To buy a car, understand a lease contract, negotiate pay conditions. . . Hebrew is essential to take part in the Israeli economic life without experiencing unpleasant surprises.



How can one take advantage of the wonderful Jewish culture or experience Israeli cultural vibrancy – movies, TV shows, and plays – without understanding the language of Bialik?

You got it; there’s no lack of reasons to learn Hebrew.
Still, it must be studied under the best conditions.


II – 10 conditions for learning Hebrew well:

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Motivation to understand, read, and speak Israel’s language.

Qualified, patient and inventive Hebrew teachers.

Practical class schedules, adapted to the reality of Aliyah.

Classes on a human-scale, offering each one the needed attention and time to speak.

A good, studious and pleasant atmosphere helping to overcome fear of participating.

But also   :


Academically serious courses to acquire basic knowledge.


Attractive courses on various topics connected to current events.


Fun and interactive workshops preparing you for everyday situations.


Consistency in completing homework.


Practicing the language in actual situations.

Ulpan Sheli brings all these conditions together for you!

Want to know more? Contact us! 0732160415

The particularity of Ulpan Shéli is the good reception and the possibility to intervene freely in Hebrew class


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