Alex Lellouche -Founder and Director

Alex immigrated to Israel in 1999. During his first years in Israel, he studied at the Maale Adumim Yeshiva and served in the Nahal combat unit during the second intifada.

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. He then undertook a double degree – received with Excellence –  both in Physics and Materials Engineering at the Haifa’s Technion. He then obtained a Masters in Nanotechnology at the Technion and wrote his thesis on nanofluids. He took part in a research project about Nanotech at the prestigious M.I.T. school of Boston. For the last 9 years, Alex Lellouche has been dedicating himself to creating methods and training courses exclusively for the French-speaking community, in the fields of Psychometrics and Ulpans.


Rudy Hayoun -Chief executive

Rudy Hayoun, originally from Paris, immigrated to Israel in 2008 with the Bnei Akiva’s Archara Program. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the Bar Ilan University

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 Rudy integrated the Icone team in 2012 as a logistics and education director. At Ulpan Sheli, Rudy is responsible for the Jerusalem registrations. Rudy is married and a father of two.

Eva abitbol - Jerusalem regional manager

Eva made her Aliyah at age 18 after High School graduation. She chose to dedicate her first year to learning Hebrew and discovering the Country. After this initial year, She integrated an Art School at the  mihlelet Émouna of Jerusalem.

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She obtained there a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts and simultaneously an Education diploma. In 2004, she joined the Jewish Agency’s Aliyah department as a counselor on Aliyah for 4 years. In 2008, accompanied by her husband and kids, she was sent on a Shlulit (mission) for the Jewish Agency. She was for years responsible for educative projects at the heart of the French Bnei Akiva. Since her return to Israel, she has participated in numerous projects related to Aliyah from France and is now the logistics manager at the Icone School. She is today a mother of 4 and lives in Jerusalem.

Johanna Sabban - Center Region manager

Johanna made her Aliyah from France 9 years ago, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She took part in the “Ulpan Etsion” program in Jerusalem for 8 months before moving to Tel Aviv (the city that never sleeps).

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She was the Customer Service’s Head Director at an Israeli language learning Company and took Marketing classes at the University. Johanna also volunteers in various associations dedicated to helping Olims’ integration.  She has been the logistics and registration manager at Ulpan Sheli since 2016.

Magalie Guedj -Center Region assistant-manager

Holder of a French Management and Economy bachelor’s degree, Magalie made her Aliyah with her husband-to-be a couple of years later and moved to Netanyha. She started her integration by a State Ulpan before moving to Tel-Aviv.

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 She took part in many marketing projects. She has been logistics assistant-director at the Icone School since 2016. 

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