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Ulpan Sheli is an ulpan founded by Olim for Olim. Our team went through the same hardships as every new immigrant: How do we get accepted at university ? How to register your children in school ? How to shop online ?

The key to successful integration is to learn Hebrew and speak it fluently. Therefore, our team decided to put its knowledge at the service of future olim hadashim around the world and to support them as best as possible in their new life.

Ulpan Sheli’s goal is to provide you with the richest learning experience. The teaching method will allow you to work on your writing as well as your oral and integrate you as well as possible into Israeli society.

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What are your teaching methods ?

With Oulpan Sheli, learn Hebrew easily, quickly and efficiently !

Our teaching is based on the balance between academic and informal learning allowing each student to progress, at his level. Whether you choose the online or face-to-face option,you will benefit from our dynamic and progressive method adapted to your learning format.

How many students will we be per class ?

Ulpan sheli, it’s classes between 4 and 8 students maximum, whatever your program is !

Do not be afraid to take the plunge and take advantage of this intimate atmosphere to improve your speaking skills and ask all your questions to our teachers. This family format is the key to flexible, rapid learning adapted to the personality of each student !

Which levels does your ulpan teach ?

Whether you can’t read Hebrew at all or you want to learn how to flip through the newspaper and understand what the journalist is saying on the radio, we have the right class for you !

We offer Hebrew courses, suitable for everyone, ranging from aleph level to he level. Each student will find his place and progress according to his needs and desires.

What if I have additional questions ?

We have the answers to all your questions !

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Can I work and learn Hebrew at the same time ?

Ulpan Sheli fully understands the daily obligations and life imperatives of Olim Hadashim. We, therefore, do our utmost to ensure that each individual can find time to learn Hebrew.

We offer Hebrew lessons in the morning or evening. Classes are generally given from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

How long after my registration can I start my program ?

Ulpan sheli, it’s classes between 4 and 8 students maximum, whatever your program is ! This format allows us to open new classes very regularly: we open classes on average every 10 days.

My class was super motivated and the teacher encouraged us like we needed to ! Ulpan Sheli reconciled me with learning Hebrew.


Program Ulpan Voucher

I really recommend! We were 5 in class and we made a loast of fun games to learn easily. I made two Ulpans before and I can tell you our teacher from Ulpan Sheli was the best !


Program Online Course

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