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Oulpan Sheli offers virtual online courses

Ulpan Sheli offers you the opportunity to participate in virtual classroom lessons to improve your Hebrew in a matter of weeks. Enjoy your home Hebrew lessons in a suitable educational format.

You will be able to benefit from two hours of lessons, once a week, so 4 meetings per month.

Take an hebrew test over the phone with one of our advisers and start your lessons in the class that suits you best. Whether you have aleph or dalet level, at Ulpan Sheli we will have a class that suits you.

Ulpan Sheli is the largest private ulpan approved by the Israeli Ministry of Integration. Present in Israel in 7 cities, we offer both face-to-face and online courses.

Thanks to our revolutionary method, we have already taught Hebrew to thousands of students in a fun and effective way.

How does it work ?

Our experienced teachers have been specially trained to make the most of the different tools offered by online courses and to adapt their learning method to this new digital format. During the 2 hours of lessons, you will have the opportunity to deal with one or more subjects on various supports specially designed by our teaching team.

During the lesson you will learn important notions of grammar, conjugation and syntax. These skills will be immediately put into practice as part of a fun learning process with conversation time and scenarios to help you understand everyday situations.

In addition to the course, you will get access to :
  • Online courses summarized
  • Lessons recording
  • WhatsApp group where the teacher sums up all the important notions

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