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The Ulpan Sheli Method

Evolving since 2013, the Ulpan Sheli Method allows you to learn Hebrew correctly, easily and quickly. Its’s revolutionary!

1 – Small classes: The secret of adaptability

Ulpan Sheli is par excellence a flexible Ulpan: The small 4 to 8 students class format offers total adaptability to the personality and needs of Hebrew trainees.
In addition to the conventional Ulpan program, preference is given to the wishes, preferential subjects, and difficulties of each student.

2 – Perfect balance between the formal and informal learning of Hebrew

The Ulpan Sheli Method combines the formal side of the academic Ulpan with the informal side of the new Hebrew workshops. This is a wise mix between, on the one hand, acquiring basic knowledge of the language – grammar, syntax … –
and on the other, playful learning by engaging in activities encouraging the practice of Hebrew in all situations: at the market, at the café.

3 – The only solution is conversation

If reading and writing Hebrew are the basics of Ulpan Sheli’s teaching, dialogue is at the center of the pedagogical project. A language is first and foremost spoken!

The homey format promotes the development of a conversational atmosphere. We take the time to listen to each other, to talk to each other. Homogeneous groups of French culture offer a phenomenal pace of advancement.

4 – Adapted and modern tools

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in daily Israeli 21st century life.

In the realm of start-ups, apps are used for banking transactions, paying bills online, and job search on social networks…

Ulpan Sheli familiarizes students with the Hebrew use of these everyday tools through dedicated lab workshops. They will be able to continue this discovery and acquire its complete control in the framework of the innovative training of Olim Be Click.

5 -Hebrew practice is great!

When we do Aliyah, we do not necessarily have time to assimilate grammatical subtleties. We want something concrete, right away!

The Ulpan Sheli Method is based on practical subjects that concern the Ole Hadach directly.

He is provided with a range of tools to master written and spoken Hebrew and interpret everyday situations such as understanding municipality bills.

This is a practical introduction to be deepened by the Olim Be Click Program.

Take advantage of the Ulpan Sheli Method Free of Charge: Contact us for more information.

In Ulpan Shéli, it’s face to face with the teacher, we are “obliged” to participate … and progress


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