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The free private Ulpan Revolution

The free private Ulpan Revolution. Since November 2015, the integration ministry gives the right to Olims that made Aliyah after January 2017 to get their private Ulpan sheli class fully reimbursed.

Ulpan sheli can be a good fit in these three cases:

1. You already did a State Ulpan and want to continue to perfect your knowledge. Ulpan sheli offers a perfection class, which will be fully reimbursed.
2. You do not or cannot do a State Ulpan: Ulpan sheli will replace the State Ulpan and will be fully reimbursed.
3. Ulpan sheli can precede your State Ulpan in which case you’ll do a pre-Ulpan which will get you ready for the State Ulpan.

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