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Learn Hebrew easily, quickly and efficiently with Ulpan Sheli!

Are you fed up with not understanding the restaurant menu, not being able to negotiate with the taxi driver or not being able to make yourself understood over the phone by the charming voice mail of Bitouah Leumi ?

Take advantage of the revolutionary method offered by the largest private ulpan in the country to become a full Hebrew speaker.

A small group for more flexibility

The Ulpan sheli is, above all, classes between 4 and 8 students maximum, whatever their level is.

Do not be afraid to take the plunge and take advantage of this intimate atmosphere to improve your speaking skills and ask all your questions to our teachers. They will be happy to answer your specific requests and to teach preferred themes according to your wishes and those of the other students.

Each student will be able to find their place in the class and overcome their difficulties at their own pace.

This family format is the key to flexible, rapid learning adapted to the personality of each student!

A learning format adapted to your needs

Whether you choose the online or face-to-face option, benefit from our dynamic and progressive method adapted to your learning format.

With online classes, the Ulpan comes to you ! Enjoy your home Hebrew lessons in a suitable educational format. Our teachers have been specially trained to make the most of the various tools offered by online courses and to adapt their learning method to this new digital format.

For the more traditionalists, for the face-to-face method ! Come and enjoy the surroundings offered by Ulpan Sheli in the largest cities of the country. Take advantage of the classrooms available to you and follow your teacher outside, to the market or to the café to practice everyday situations.


A clever mix of formal and informal learning

Whether you are a diligent and loves the learning student or someone more spontaneous and it is hard for you to sit in a classroom, you will find what you need with the Ulpan Sheli Method ! This perfect balance between an academic side and an informal side allows each student to progress, at his level, using his strengths.

Acquiring the fundamentals of the language is an essential step in order to progress. Part of the learning will therefore be devoted to grammar, conjugation and syntax, but a language is spoken above all !

These achievements will therefore be immediately put into practice as part of a fun learning process with dialogues and scenarios to help you better understand everyday situations.

You will be able to participate in practical work in everyday life: How to get your Arnona reduction without having to go back to town hall 3 times? How to order a good dinner over the phone without making a mistake on the menu? Or how do you ensure your son’s parent-teacher meeting and not remain speechless ?

At Ulpan Sheli, we take the time to listen to each other, talk to each other, correct each other and make progress!

” Connected” learning

Living in Israel is also living at the heart of the start-up nation!

In Israel, there is an app for everything: whether you want to make a money order, make a doctor’s appointment, or check if your restaurant order is on its way! Your phone is an essential tool and applications are not always translated into English.

 Ulpan Sheli makes your life easier and incorporates connected workshops into its program to help you make the most of these applications and surf the sites you will use in your daily Israeli life.


Do not wait any longer and give us a call to take advantage of this method and choose the learning program that suits you best !

A super efficient teacher and an excellent method! The Voucher program is a great program for all the new immigrants.


Program Ulpan Voucher

Thank you Ulpan Sheli ! My hebrew improved so quickly. Now I can talk without panicking.


Program Online Course

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