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Did you make Alya less than 10 years ago?

Good news ! You have the opportunity to learn Hebrew with a private ulpan fully reimbursed by the ministry of integration.

Our Program 

• Online course or in class
• Format: group lesson from 4 to 8 students
• Period: 150 hours of academic lessons
• Frequency: 3 hours, 2 to 3 times a week
• Level: from "aleph" to "hé".
 Our packages

Online course:
Study Hebrew from home in a suitable educational format

Face-to-face lessons:
Take advantage of the setting offered by Ulpan Sheli to study in our classrooms.


Conditions Of Eligibility

•  Have make Aliyah within the past 10 years

•  Get your “Ishour Zakaout” from your Misrad Haklita advisor

•  Pass your test.                              

Our Prices 
The price set by the Ministry of Integration is 7,500 Shekels.Thanks to your ishour zakaout you will be fully reimbursed by your misrad Haklita in three times.The Ulpan Sheli offers you the possibility to advance the costs up to 5 times  free of charge .


Your advisor will be available by email, phone or Whatsapp.



Do you Want to learn Hebrew from home?
Fabulous ! Enjoy your  Hebrew lessons from home  in a suitable educational format.

Our Program

• Online course

• Format: Individual or group lesson.

• Period: From 2 to 6 months

• Frequency: 2 hours, 1 time a week
• Level: from "aleph" to "hé".

Our Packages


Group lessons:

Take advantage of the small size of the class to progress as a team.


Private lesson:Opt for the "one to one" format and enjoy the face to face learning  with your teacher.   

Conditions Of Eligibility

• Pass your test.

• Proceed to payment up to 5 times free of charge .

Our Prices
Your advisor will create a tailor-made program  according to your availabilities / wishes and will establish a quotation according to your budget.

Your advisor will be available by email, phone or Whatsapp.



I improve my hebrew’s level in a short amount of time. My class was super motivated and the teacher gave us good encouragement! 


Program Ulpan Voucher

I had a good level in hebrew and I was afraid to get bored…I wasn’t ! We learn how to listen to the radio and read the newspaper !


Program Online Course

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