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Consult our different programs and choose the one that suits you!

Don’t wait anymore to register online or by phone or whatsapp with one of our advisers.

1. Registration Ulpan Voucher Program

Are you eligible to the Ulpan Voucher and want to register ?

Pre-register by clicking here.
Still have questions ?
Leave us your details and one of our English-speaking advisers will call you to answer all your questions.
Please do not hesitate to consult our Frequently Asked Questions and contact us at 058-778-0397.

What does this pre-registration commit me to ?

This pre-registration does not commit you to anything. It will allow our advisers to have more details on your wishes, your availabilities and to adapt to your profile the best they can. After analyzing your file, we will get in touch with you to explain you the rest of the procedure.

What are the next steps ?

Following this pre-registration, you will receive a 20-minute Hebrew online test. Once your test is over, send an email to your Misrad Haklita advisor to receive your “ishour zakaout” and have your ulpan fully reimbursed.

You don’t know who your Misrad Haklita adviser is? Ask us, we will help you as best as we can with your administrative procedures.

Do you have any question ?

Leave us your details, an advisor will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Registration Online Course Program

Want to register for our Online Course Program ?

Pre-register by contacting our advisors at 058-778-0397.
Do not hesitate to read our Frequently Asked Questions and our information brochure.

How is an online course at Ulpan Sheli ?

Our teachers have been specially trained to make the most of the various tools offered by online courses and to adapt their learning method to this new digital format. During the 2 hours of class, you will have the opportunity to deal with one or more subjects on various media specially designed by our teaching team.

What are the next steps ?

Take a test over the phone with one of our counselors and start your lessons in the class that suits you best.

Then proceed to payment in shekels or euros. Ulpan Sheli offers payment facilities. For payments made in shekels, you can pay up to 5 times free of charge.

To which media will I have access ?

In addition to the online course, I will have access to:

  • Online supports
  • Recorded courses
  • A Whatsapp group where your teacher can summarize the important concepts for you.

The teacher was really attentive to our needs ! The staff is also very helpfull, Sarah helped me with the the administrative procedures with the Misrad Haklita.


Program Ulpan Voucher

I loved the Ulpan Sheli method so much that after doing the Ulpan Voucher Program, I paid for their online classes! I didn’t regret it ! Amazing.


Program Online Course

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