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At the same time structured and full of life: the Ulpan Sheli Program

The seriousness of the academic Ulpan, the new dynamics of the Hebrew workshops, and the introduction to new technologies, are the three pillars of the Ulpan Sheli Program.

1. The conventional Ulpan Program, demanding and recognized

Ulpan Sheli’s Program meets all the criteria of the Ministry of Immigration Absorption for learning Hebrew.

It teaches the basic knowledge necessary for written and oral comprehension – Hebrew grammar and conjugation, acquiring a vocabulary, written and oral work … Our experienced teachers base themselves on the Israeli educational institutions’ Ulpan reference book, apply a proven Ulpan method, and prepare students for the Hebrew national exam.

The + Ulpan Sheli :  The format of teaching small classes promotes increased interactivity and a better assimilation of the Program.

2. Informal activities to learn living Hebrew

Ulpan Sheli would not be revolutionary if its teachers were content with just teaching Hebrew in the regular way..

Many informal linguistic activities complement a dense and full program.
Students follow their discovery of Hebrew “on the spot” in real-life everyday situations.

  • At the café,
    they learn to read a menu, place an order, ask for the bill …,
  • At the supermarket,
    they practice interpreting posters, promos, receipts.
  • At the shouk (market), they talk to merchants, find bargains…

They immerse themselves in Israeli culture by visiting museum, festivals…

3. Introduction to technology in Hebrew

In line with the expectations of today’s Olim, the Ulpan Sheli Program provides familiarity with the use of everyday technologies – smartphones, apps, internet websites using dedicated lab workshops.

This is a practical introduction to be deepened by Olim Be Click training.

This I like to Ulpan Shéli is this proximity between teachers and students. In addition, the ulpan is right next to me.



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